One Bread, One Body

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<< Saturday, February 25, 2017 >>
Sirach 17:1-15
Psalm 103:13-18 Mark 10:13-16
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“He looks with favor upon their hearts.” —Sirach 17:7

God knows all our ways; “they cannot be hidden from His eyes” (Sir 17:13). All our “actions are clear as the sun to Him, His eyes are ever upon” our ways (Sir 17:15). God knows when we sit or when we stand (Ps 139:1-2). Our journeys and our rest He scrutinizes (Ps 139:3). “Even before a word is” on our tongues, He knows “the whole of it” (Ps 139:4). In God’s book, all our actions are written (Ps 139:16). He is familiar with all our ways (Ps 139:3).

Because God knows everything about us, we should:

  • thank Him for loving us infinitely even in our sinfulness,
  • live to please Him,
  • ask Him to help us understand ourselves,
  • ask Him to change us and make us holy as He is holy,
  • never do anything without seeking His will,
  • believe that our lives are planned, meaningful, and important,
  • be joyful, and
  • be in awe of Him.

Let us joyfully love the all-knowing God.

Prayer: Father, You know my worst. Thank You that You have never stopped loving me.
Promise: “He embraced them and blessed them, placing His hands on them.” —Mk 10:16